Business Guide

Pursue what can only be done by Life-do.Plus

The reason why we are able to produce high quality products at low cost is because it is done only on our own line without manufacturing waste. After considering product development, we will conduct market research thoroughly by repeatedly considering from all perspectives whether what other products in the market are showing sales and worthy to be a long seller. We are pursuing product development that can demonstrate the strength of Life-do.Plus.

A system that aimed at rationalization thoroughly
We must bear significant risks for development of new products such as the introduction of manufacturing machines. However, the sales forecast based on the backed up past sales performance and the information in the survey are linked, and we will start developing without hesitation when we can be confident. We will pursue how to manufacture the product without waste. In order to save labor cost, we will introduce a system to rationalize thoroughly how much can be mechanized. In addition, we made efforts to reduce costs by introducing quality raw materials from abroad by the network we have cultivated up to now. We can pride ourselves to be able to offer authentic items at a low price.

Our target is what to be the top manufacturer of daily necessities.

We manufacture the products which each house has one certainly. We feel honored that our products are used in each house in all over the world such as cleaning supplies and accessories around kitchen an so on. We will strive every day to be called "the top manufacturer of daily necessities" as soon as possible.