For The Needs To Diversify

Diversified life style
The concept of "Cleaning" at home and work had changed because our life style is diversifying today. "Wiping", "sweeping" and "washing" style has not changed, but the cleaning products are mostly processed by scientific processing nowadays. We are surrounded by various materials as flooring, tatami mats, vinyl mats and others among the same buildings.

Abundant life

On the other hand, there are big problems like various sick home caused by mold, tick, dust and formaldehyde although it became convenient. The product we are making was not a daily necessity like toilet paper or tissue paper so that there was no problem in daily life without it. However, the situation have been changing in modern society. The role of housekeeping has also continued to change as women enter the society. Although it is still mother-centered, it is a common family figure that everyone can share their housework and cooperate with each other regardless of age or sex.

Social role
We hope to fulfill our social role by offering our products while we will develop handy and convenient living supplies that can be easily cleaned at home in everyday living.