Cooperation With Foreign Countries

Be strict about quality control
We have to clear the difficult problem that our products are always gentle to the skin. We do strict quality control for materials, water, sanitary aspects of factory to ensure that we can use it safely in a wide range of generations from baby to elderly people.

Added value as a reasonable product

In order to include added value as a reasonable product, we will make a very strict choice in material selection. At our factory, we have introduced a system of integrated production and reduced costs by eliminating intermediaries, It becomes important to choose reliable materials. Concentration and selection of information. The field of Life-do.Plus is the whole world.

Cheap and high quality products
In order to provide consumers with cheap and high quality products, we have independently developed a route to deal directly with overseas suppliers and strive to ensure that consumers safely use friendly quality paper products. We pride ourselves on delivering Life-do.Plus as a proud paper product.