The Strength Of Life-do.Plus

Always positive heart to pursue "customer convenience".

We can say with confidence when people ask us what is the strength of Life-do.Plus. It is we have strong thought so that we can make consumers feel comfortable and happy with our products more than any other companies.

Realize the production of centralized management and the cost down in the international field of view
We must use ingenuity to the manufacturing process and the buying to pursue customer convenience and persist "Safe" "Convenient" and "Low price". A treasure trove of raw material for paper products is vast China and Eurasia continent. We needed to take a look at abroad from domestic less raw materials. In fact, we employed local staff to maintain a low cost of raw materials with high quality continually. We have secured the best raw materials through we have analyzed and collected information from Asian countries. At the Yamamoto factory in Kagawa Japan, produce high value-added products while maintaining a high quality by performing in the centralized management of large-scale production, we have been working to reduce costs.

Always look at overseas

As one of the strength of Life-do.Plus, we are confident about speed of response and ingenuity. We always predict what the customers want and need. Life-do.Plus has the strength that deal with customers immediately in our point of view and ideas.