Antibacterial Dry wipes

How do the germs multiply?

How to prevent to multiply the germs?

It is important to keep away the environment of the three things the germs prefer with wiping off the sebum stains(proteins) and moisture.

What is the our developed antibacterial dry wipes?

Product can suppress the growth of the dust germs collected with dry wipes is on sale in the market already.
Antibacterial dry wipes of Life-do.Plus can be antibacterial on cleaning area at the same time of the cleaning.

Effect of Antibacterial function

With newly developed technology (patent pending), It is a dry wipes that can give antibacterial properties to the cleaning area at the same time of the cleaning.
The antibacterial agent on the dry wipes treats the cleaning area with antibacterial treatment and suppresses the growth of germs even after 24 hours.
Dry wipes for cleaning that can be wiped and has an antibacterial effect.