SDGs Action

What is the SDGs?

17 goals to be sustainable and better world by 2030

Our Efforts

  • Development of Hygiene products to keep healthy life
    1. Development of disinfection and antibacterial products
    2. Expansion of production facilities to provide products with reasonable prices
    3. Build a delivery system to deliver on time
    4. Development of the wipes that can be used in places where is no water
  • Efforts to reduce petroleum-derived raw materials
    1. Ink raw material (Effort to promote using biomass)
    2. Alcohol raw material (Effort to promote using biomass)
    3. Make the materials thinner, Shift to plant-based materials
  • Efforts to improve the work environment
    1. Promotion of 4S principle
    2. Employee Health management
    3. Active promotion of female employees to managerial positions
    4. Promotion of active use of childcare leave system
  • Disaster support, community support
    1. Dispatch of support to the disaster area
    2. Presenting our products to the local community

Life-do.Plus original "Chikyu Omoi (Think of the Earth)" products

In order to promote environmental measures for our products, we created our original character called "Chikyu Omoi (Think of the Earth)".