Initiatives for Compliance

Life-do.Plus has grown with our customers by developing and proposing attractive products that match their lifestyles and values. In order to continue to contribute to the prosperity of our customers and society, we have newly formulated and established a basic compliance concept and policy as well as a compliance organizational structure.
We will work to strengthen and thoroughly implement compliance in all aspects of our corporate activities as one of the most important management issues.

Basic Philosophy and Policy on Compliance

The purpose is all managers and employees comply with laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation and various regulations, establish and maintain a system to carry out business with high ethical standards, and maintain and improve our company's proper business operations and social credibility.

Basic Concept

Basic Compliance Policy

Managers and employees shall be aware that their business activities are based on the trust of society and that they themselves work a part in the business activities of the Company, we will strive to strengthen compliance by upholding our responsibility to make decisions and act honestly with high ethical standards.
Management philosophy, action plan, and quality policy of Life-do.Plus are the basis of compliance. Based on this management philosophy, action plan, quality policy, and compliance regulations, we have established and maintained a system for conducting business with high ethical standards, and are working to maintain and improve proper business operations and social credibility.

Compliance Policy

  1. "Safety of Goods and Services"

    We give top priority to safety at all stages of our products and services (planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer use, and disposal). When we receive information regarding the safety of our products, we immediately contact the relevant departments to confirm the facts and take prompt and appropriate action if any problems are found.

  2. "Fulfillment of Accountability"

    We will provide our customers with information on our products and services in a timely and appropriate manner, and we will accurately understand complaints, opinions, and requests from our customers and respond promptly and sincerely.

  3. "Compliance Education"

    We provide ethics and code of conduct education to all employees for the aim of fostering a sense of ethics among employees and enhancing their self-cleansing effect. We issue a “compliance newsletter” internally.

  4. "Establishment of Internal Consultation System"

    Employees, their families, customers, business partners, and other external stakeholders can freely report and consult about legal violations and workplace conditions. We receive complaints about legal violations, fraud, harassment, quality problem, etc. by telephone, e-mail, mail, or fax.

  5. "Harassment Prevention Education"

    We provide harassment prevention education to all employees. In addition, we are conducting training for managers separately for promotion members.

  6. "Corporate Defense Against Anti-social Forces"

    We will cut off or eliminate any relationship with antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and safety, maintain a resolute attitude as an organization, and protect our corporate value.

  7. "Securing The Working Environment for Employees"

    We will comply with labor-related laws and regulations, respect the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

Compliance Organizational Structure

At our company, the "Compliance Committee", chaired by the president, deliberates on important matters related to compliance and strives to improve the internal system.
Furthermore, in order to ensure thorough compliance, we have established the Compliance Promotion Office as a compliance department.
"Compliance Promotion Office" regularly holds "Compliance Managers' Meeting" with "Compliance Managers" who are in charge of compliance execution management, promotes compliance-related initiatives, and completes response from receipt of reports of internal reporting system. We appropriately manage the series of operations up to the point of completion.

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