Life-do.Plus has grown together with its customers by developing and proposing attractive products that match their lifestyles and values.

In order to continue to serve the prosperity of our customers and society, we have now formulated and established a new basic compliance philosophy and policy, as well as a compliance organizational structure.

We will work to strengthen and ensure compliance in all aspects of our corporate activities as one of our top management priorities.

Basic Approach to Compliance

All directors and employees shall comply with laws, regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and other rules and regulations, be aware that our business activities are based on the trust of society,recognize that they play a part in our business activities, and assume the responsibility to make judgments and take actions with integrity and high ethical standards. We are committed to strengthening compliance.

Life-do.Plus's management philosophy, action plan, and quality policy are the foundation of compliance.

Based on this management philosophy, action plan, quality policy, and compliance rules, we have established and maintain a system for conducting business with high ethical standards, and are working to maintain and improve proper business operations and social credibility.

Compliance Policy

  1. "Safety of Products and Services"
    Safety is our top priority in all phases of our products and services (planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer use, and disposal).
  2. "Fulfillment of Accountability"
    We will provide our customers with information on our products and services in a timely and appropriate manner, accurately understand their complaints, opinions, and requests, and respond to them promptly and sincerely.
  3. "Compliance Education"
    With the aim of fostering a sense of ethics among employees and thereby enhancing self-cleansing, we conduct ethics and code of conduct education for all employees. We also publish an in-house "Compliance Newsletter.
  4. "Establishment of Internal Consultation System"
    This is a contact point where employees, their families, and external stakeholders such as customers and business partners can freely report and consult about violations of laws and regulations, workplace conditions, etc. Issues such as legal violations, misconduct, harassment, and quality issues can be reported by phone, e-mail, mail, or fax.
  5. "Harassment Prevention Education"
    We provide all employees with anti-harassment education. Separate training for managers is also provided for members of the promotion team.
  6. "Corporate Defense Against Anti-social Forces"
    We will protect our corporate value by cutting off or eliminating any relationship with antisocial forces that threaten social order and safety,and by taking a firm stand as an organization against such forces. Osaka Prefecture Center for the Elimination of Violence
  7. "Securing The Working Environment for Employees"
    We will comply with labor-related laws and regulations, respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

Compliance Organization Structure

The Compliance Committee, chaired by the President, deliberates on important compliance-related matters and works to improve the Company's internal framework.

In addition, to ensure thorough compliance, we have established the Compliance Promotion Office as a department that oversees compliance-related matters.

The Compliance Office promotes compliance initiatives through regular meetings of the Compliance Committee and the Compliance Manager,who is responsible for managing compliance implementation, and appropriately manages a series of operations from the receipt of whistleblower reports to the completion of responses. The Compliance Promotion Office is in charge of compliance management.

Compliance Organization Chart

  • Compliance Committee
    • Committee Chairpersons
    • Committee Members : 
      Sales Department, Administration Department, Manufacturing Department
  • Compliance Promotion Office/General Manager
  • ComplianceOffice
  • ComplianceHotline(Internal Reporting System)
  • Stakeholders


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