Bringing "joy, abundance, and cleanliness" to your life.

Most of Life-do.Plus products are hygiene products developed using renewable resources and with a focus on convenience and effectiveness.

In response to diversified living situations, there are a wide variety of places and methods to take care of hygiene, such as floors, furniture, kitchen and toilet water areas, and cars.

We hope to develop easy and convenient daily necessities that anyone can easily and quickly clean on the spot, and provide "cleanliness" and "time to relax" so that everyone can lead a rich life.

Our Business

Life-do.Plus, a "Thinking Group"

At Life-do.Plus, all employees are always conscious of the need to think through "how to make customers truly happy.

Based on this, we review our manufacturing processes and eliminate waste to create high-quality, reasonably priced products.

Before launching a product, we thoroughly research the market and our competitors to create a product that has the highest likelihood of success. We place the highest priority on maximizing production efficiency through automated robots and procuring high-quality raw materials at low cost.

Our goal is to be the leading manufacturer of essential daily consumables and to positively impact households around the world.

Strengths of Life-do.Plus

Better products and prices with international sensibilities

Life-do.Plus is a company that places the highest priority on customer convenience, and we are proud to have the strength to confidently answer the question, "What are our features?

In order to satisfy our customers by providing "high quality," "safety," and "peace of mind," we are committed to both the manufacturing process and procurement. In order to procure low-cost, high-quality raw materials, we have expanded our horizons to the wide Asia-Pacific region and focus on information gathering and analysis.

In addition, production is centrally managed at our plant in Shikoku, and we are rapidly promoting capital investment, including the introduction of new automated robots, to establish a flexible production system while maintaining quality. Our strength lies in our ability to respond quickly to customer needs through technological innovation and speedy problem solving.