We, Life-do.Plus, develop and propose attractive products that suit our customers' lifestyles and values based on the principles of "high quality", "safety" and "security", as the name "Life-do.Plus" implies.

Plus, we promise to contribute to the future of nature and people by enriching people's lives through our products, and by creating products that are environmentally friendly and that address energy issues.

We, the employees of Life-do.Plus, will continue to strive and move forward every day with an indomitable spirit of pursuing a better image, complying with compliance, and always delivering our sincerity and passion to our customers in the form of our products.

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is a statement of values and behaviors that should be cherished by an organization in order to realize its mission and vision.

  1. Development and proposal of attractive products that match customers' lifestyles and values.
  2. To lead to customer satisfaction and trust based on high quality, security, and safety.
  3. Respect for human rights and creation of a comfortable workplace We aim to realize a work style and foster a workplace culture in which everyone involved in our business activities can work with peace of mind and maximize their abilities.
  4. Community Interaction and Environmental Initiatives We will strive to interact widely with local communities through disaster relief activities, volunteer activities, various events, etc., in order to realize affluent and healthy lifestyles and a safe and secure society. In addition, we will contribute to the future of people and nature by creating products that take energy issues and the global environment into consideration.

Action Plan for the Development of the Next Generation

Life-do.Plus is committed to creating an employment environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and build long-term careers by creating a comfortable work environment that allows them to balance work and child rearing.

  1. Compliance with various systems such as maternity leave before and after childbirth based on the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law
  2. Establishment of an environment that facilitates return to work after pregnancy or childbirth
  3. Reemployment of employees who have left the company due to childbirth or child rearing
  4. Implement a system for shorter working hours for employees
  5. Flexible response to overtime work during child-rearing period
  6. Provide internship and other work experience for young people
* We will continue to improve other aspects of the employment environment.

Quality Policy

We have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, and based on our management philosophy, we have established and will comply with the following action guidelines to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

  1. We will conduct production activities based on the basic principle of development that customers can experience "high quality," "safety," and "peace of mind" through our products.
  2. We will take all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality of customer and business partner information.
  3. We will set quality objectives for each department, and evaluate and review their implementation status in management reviews.
  4. We will review the appropriateness of our quality policy, confirm it in the management review, and maintain its appropriateness.

ISO 9001:2015

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  • Quality Standards
    International Standard ISO 9001:2015
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    Manufacture and sale of general paper products Certification Europe Ltd.

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