HOW Life-do.Plus WORKS

Compliance Promotion and Sustainable Society

We are working to create an environment in which we can move forward to the next level.

We provide "high-quality," "safe," and "secure" daily consumables, but we are always conscious of the fact that we are a company that is greatly concerned with the global environment, not just about convenience and profit.

We believe that it is important to take responsibility for the future that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren, and that this will lead to sincere joy.

In addition, we have established a compliance organization system and consider the strengthening and thorough enforcement of compliance to be a top priority in all aspects of our operations.

We are working to improve and formulate systems for a workplace where colleagues who share the same goals and are on the same path toward a sustainable society can work with peace of mind, and for an environment where they can advance toward their goals.

Benefits and Welfare

New systems are adopted in a timely manner

  • Birthday leave (birthday celebration money provided)
  • Special leave system for new graduates
  • Rent subsidy system
  • Immunization subsidy system
  • Short-time employee system

These are newly established systems.

Training System and Career Advancement

We value career support.

We consider it important to support our employees' growth, as there are many things that are unknown to everyone in the beginning. After joining our company, our human resources staff conducts individual interviews to help resolve any issues or concerns.

In addition, we have an evaluation system based on competence and performance regardless of age, which allows for career advancement.

We will continue to develop a system that allows employees to be evaluated fairly and play an active role.

Training System

We have a training program to support your first steps after joining the company and career development.

Job-specific and level-specific training programs support the acquisition of necessary skills and qualifications through classroom lectures, on-the-job training, and external training courses.

  • New Employee Training

    • Preparing for the working world
    • Manner training
    • Factory tour
    • safety education

    Mid-career newcomer training

    • Factory Tour
    • Operation Manual
    • safety education
    • OJT

    • Preparing for the working world
    • Manner training
    • Factory tour
    • safety education
    • Factory Tour
    • Operation Manual
    • safety education
    • OJT
  • General employee job-specific training

    • Improved product knowledge
    • Improved mechanical knowledge
    • Thorough implementation of liquidation, orderliness, cleaning, sanitary, tacking

    If necessary, we encourage our employees to take outside courses and certifications, such as forklift, safety manager, industrial robot, etc.

  • Hierarchy-specific training (for supervisors and above)

    • Developing subordinates and sharing a sense of purpose
    • Utilization of PDCA Cycle(plan-do-check-action)

    Discussion among participants on the theme

    Classroom lectures and on-the-job training will be provided on PC skills, cost accounting, etc.

New Employee Training

The following training will be provided after the start of the company.

Entry〜7 days
  • Preparation for working life
  • Explanation of company profile
  • Product education
  • Education on company rules
  • Manner and compliance training
  • Factory/distribution center tour
  • Quality education, legal education, safety education
  • On-site explanation of hazardous areas, operation tour
  • Trial operation
  • Review and discussion
  • Start of permanent work
  • Hearing after work

Regular follow-up

After 8 days

Our human resources staff will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, or to reconfirm the content of the training.

Of course, seniors and supervisors in the workplace also provide feedback and support for their work and accomplishments.

From Current Issues to Solutions

We strive to create an environment where people can work without anxiety.

Personnel follow-up

The first month is done on a weekly basis, then every 3 months, every 6 months, etc. on an individual basis.

Step Up

  • Joining the Company

  • 1st-3rd year


    • Duties
      Machine operator operation, inspection work, and chemical solution preparation, etc.
    • Responsibilities
      In charge of managing and educating one group (4-10 people)
  • 3-5 years


    • Duties
      Production planning, shift management, etc.
    • Responsibilities
      Multiple line management (10-50 people) and training responsibilities
  • Section Chief

    • Duties
      Annual planning, numerical responsibility, external negotiations, etc.
    • Responsibilities
      Head of Production Section

Career change is also supported!

  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Management
  • Other