Introducing a range of products that will shine into the future

Attractive Lifestyle

Attractive lifestyle that produces a daily life full of "Cleanliness"

Living rooms, sanitary areas, and kitchens are frequently used places with many comings and goings. That is why they must cope with a variety of stains and sanitization.

It is necessary to take care of hygiene in every style: wiping, sweeping, and polishing.

Because it is an essential part of our lives, we want it to be clean and neat.

Focusing on Product Development for Convenience and Effectiveness

We have launched numerous hygiene products to meet diverse lifestyles.

The places in our living spaces where we take care of our hygiene, such as floors, furniture, kitchen and toilet water areas, and cars, are becoming more and more diverse.

Life-do.Plus products pursue convenience and support a safe and secure living environment for our customers.

Environmental Consideration for Limited Earth Resources

While many of our products are disposable, we consider environmental issues and take environmental aspects into consideration by using renewable resources.

The low-cost philosophy we pursue is based on the idea of "not wasting resources.

Diversified needs

With the diversity of life scenes, the way we think about hygiene at home and at work has also changed.

Life-do.Plus hopes to develop easy and convenient daily necessities that anyone can use to clean up quickly and easily in their daily lives, and to help people lead affluent lives with "cleanliness" and "leisure time". We hope to fulfill our social role by providing these products.


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