Management Philosophy


Life-do.Plus, as the name suggests, we develop and propose attractive products that fit customer's lifestyles and values based on "high quality", "safe", "convenient" and "low price".We also promise to enrich people's lives through our products and also contribute to the future of people and nature by creating energy-friendly and environment-friendly products.
Employees of Life-do.Plus strive to keep compliance as a matter of necessity with the indomitable spirit of pursuing a better appearance and always deliver sincerity and passion to customers in the form of products.

Quality policy

Acquire certification of "ISO 9001:2015" which is the international standard of the quality management system, comply with the following action guidelines established based on our management philosophy and continuously improve the effectiveness of the requirements and the quality management system.

  1. We will comply with laws and internal rules as sensible members of society.
  2. We will carry out production activities with a basic principle of development that customers can feel "high quality", "relief", "convenience", "low price" through products.
  3. We will constantly strive to use limited resources carefully and create valuable products.
  4. We confidentially keep customers and business partner information.
  5. We respect each individual's personality and strive to ensure a safe work environment.
  6. We will contribute a rich and safe society through corporate activities.
  7. We will set quality targets for each division, evaluate and review implementation status, and will continue to improve.
  8. We will post the quality policy internally to ensure thorough understandings of all employees.
  9. We will review the appropriateness of the quality policy and check it in the management review and maintain it.

Atsushi Nakai
President and CEO, Life-do.Plus Co.,Ltd.


Quality Standards International Standard ISO 9001:2015
Registration Number 2020/3036
Scope of Registration Manufacture and sale of general paper products
Certification Body Certification Europe Ltd.
Accreditation Body United Kingdom Accreditation Service


ISO 9001:2015
Reg. No. 2020/3036