Senior Voices/STAFF-01

There is a sense of security that they are watching over us.
There is an environment that is happy to see us grow.

  • Position
    Yamamoto Plant 1st Manufacturing Section Taren Leader
  • Job Description
    Manufacturing Operations
  • years of service
    6 years

Q.Why did you join the company and what do you do?

I joined the company as a new graduate after graduating from high school. I wanted a job in manufacturing, and I wanted to be a part of manufacturing daily necessities, familiar products that I often use and that are indispensable to my daily life. My homeroom teacher recommended this company to me and I thought it was trustworthy, so I applied.

My job mainly involves manufacturing work in the factory. I inspect products in the clean room, operate packaging machine operators who pack products, handle products that are about to be completed such as putting them in boxes, and also prepare chemical solutions.

Q.Impressions since joining the company

I look forward to events such as New Year's parties and BBQs. It is a rare opportunity to meet people I would not normally be involved with on the job, so everyone enjoys the lively atmosphere. I can feel the image of a team where all staff members work in the same direction.

Q."Rewarding" and "joyful"

The most rewarding part is when I see a customer purchase a product we produced at a store. It gives me a real sense that the products I have been involved in have been properly delivered to the customers, and that gives me a sense of joy. I am determined to inspect products with a stronger sense of responsibility so as not to produce defective products.

Q.Have you made any mistakes since joining the company?

It was when I spilled a measured chemical on the floor and slipped and fell even more. It was a mistake and embarrassing, but my seniors immediately followed up with me. After that, I received enthusiastic guidance and was able to overcome the situation without losing heart.

Q.What do you do on your days off and in your private life?

On my days off, I watch movies and switch on and off. I sometimes go out to eat with my colleagues at work, and the time spent talking about various topics and listening to them is also a nice change of pace.

Q.Future goals

I would like to learn all the operations on a complex multi-unit machine line and be able to respond to problems when they occur. I would like to learn more and more techniques that I can do by myself, and in the future, I would like to work hard to become a manager in production.


I know that you may not understand everything at first, but if you have any questions or concerns, please ask or consult with the senior employees around you. It is natural that you may not be able to do things at first, so please do not be afraid of making mistakes and receive guidance. If you ask for help, I am sure your seniors will be able to answer your questions. I and other senior employees have grown up while making mistakes. It is a path that everyone goes through, so don't be too afraid! I believe that you will find your work fun and rewarding as you become more capable of doing more and more things. We are waiting for your friends who can work together with us on the production line.