Senior staff/STAFF-02

Casually but surely,
The joy of making good products that support people's lives.

  • Position
    Director, Manufacturing Division, Shikoku Central Factory
  • Job Description
    Manufacturing Operations
  • years of service
    7 years

Q.Why did you join the company and what exactly do you do?

I wanted to be on the producer's side instead of the consumer's side for wet wipes and other products that we often use in our daily lives, and I wanted to provide better products. Another reason I decided to join the company was that it is within commutable distance from western Tokushima Prefecture.

As my main job, I am in charge of preparing production plans and ordering necessary materials in the manufacturing section, which processes and produces an average of 5 million paper products per month. I also have to deal with unexpected problems with processing machines and assist with vacancies. This work supports production by considering how to efficiently bring out the operability on site.

Q."Reward" or "pleasure" you get through your work

There was a time when a problem occurred with a processing machine and it took longer than expected to repair and restore it. I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment when I was able to quickly restore the machine by sharing the causes of past problems with my coworkers. It was a moment when I felt a sense of teamwork. It is also very rewarding to make production schedules for a wide variety of products while considering delivery dates, production lots, and work efficiency.

Q.What is important to you as a chief engineer?

I am conscious of taking on challenges without being bound by stereotypes. In many cases, I have been able to improve the time required for production by reviewing the production schedule based on the opinions of the staff. Since many of our staff members are proactive and think of ways to improve their work, we try to create an environment where it is easy for them to express their opinions and communicate with each other.

Q.Opportunities and environment for growth

After several weeks of training for operators, we provide them with assistance while they perform their duties. We create an environment where motivated and promising people can learn a variety of tasks and step up. Both my colleagues and supervisors have been active in the company since they joined, even though their previous jobs were not in the manufacturing industry, so there are plenty of opportunities for growth even if you have no experience, as I currently do!

Q.What do you do on your days off and in your private life?

On my days off, I refresh myself by getting in touch with nature, such as fishing and growing houseplants. My hobby of fishing was introduced to me by a colleague, and I sometimes go fishing with my colleagues and subordinates. I also enjoy spending my off-days with members of the company. We really get along well with each other. (Laughs)

Q.Future goals

Our company's production activities are based on a quality policy of "high quality, security, and safety. I would like to continue this quality policy and make daily efforts to provide better products. As a chief, I would like to lead my subordinates and develop human resources who can achieve our goals together.


Some people may have the image that factory work is monotonous and boring, but looking back on even monotonous work, I feel that the situation is different every day and is never exactly the same. There are knowledge, experience, and tricks to perform operations efficiently. This knowledge and experience enhances the quality of our work and leads to skill development. We have many staff members with less years of experience, and the company offers opportunities for those with no experience, so please give us a try.Let's work hard together.