Senior Voices/STAFF-03

Expanding our vision overseas for the production of good productsand acting as a bridge to the world as a global company

  • Position
    Manager, Overseas Business Section
  • Job Description
    Trading Operations
  • years of service
    7 years

Q.Why did you join the company and what exactly do you do?

I am mainly in charge of negotiations with overseas customers. In addition to procuring materials and products to be imported from overseas and negotiating purchase prices, delivery dates, and payment terms, I also perform administrative work on the trade front, such as checking customs clearance documents and overseas remittances. Developing new suppliers and participating in exhibitions are also important tasks, and we perform a wide range of work related to overseas operations. Exporting Japanese products manufactured by our company also plays an important role in expanding our company in the Asian region in the future.

Q.What is "attractive" and "challenging" about working in the Overseas Business Division?

I am engaged in negotiations with overseas companies, so I find it challenging in that it requires a sense of responsibility. What I try to keep in mind is to always be positive and ambitious in my work. I also believe that this is a global division where Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean languages are spoken, and I believe that this will greatly help my own career development in the future.

Q.How do you cope with difficulties you have felt as a member of the Overseas Business Section?

It is important to be persistent, not to give up, and to respond calmly when difficult situations arise. Even when a sudden situation arose, we were able to make smooth and reliable arrangements by negotiating with each business partner without giving up. It is precisely when a panicky situation arises that I take care to remain calm and grasp the current situation.

Q.About the atmosphere and environment of the company

Teamwork is important, so I work with the people in charge of each department, keeping in mind the rules of reporting, liaison, and consultation. It is a good opportunity to meet people from other departments and deepen communication.

Q.What do you do on your days off and in your private life?

I walk to keep myself in shape and go out to dinner with friends to refresh myself. I recharge my energy on weekends and get motivated for weekdays.

Q.Future goals

To properly control the purchase of products and raw materials. I also want to be proactive in everything I do, without being afraid to take on new challenges. In the future, I would like to take on challenges in a positive manner so that I can be entrusted with large-scale projects.


This is a workplace where you can make use of your language skills, so I recommend it to those who want to make use of the languages they have learned on the job and learn foreign languages in business situations. By conducting business negotiations with overseas business partners, this job allows you to grow not only in language skills but also as a businessman. At first, you will be taught by senior employees and learn various things, and grow while working together with them.