The 2nd baseball school by former professional baseball player Takashi Toritani was held.

The 2nd Baseball Class "Let's Try for Your Dreams!"

As in FY2022, as part of our social contribution to the community, we held our second baseball school for elementary and junior high school students on January 27 (Saturday) at a field in Osaka Prefecture.



In order to convey the importance of challenging oneself to achieve one’s dreams and to experience the joy of baseball, we created an opportunity for them to receive direct instruction from former professional baseball player Takashi Toritani. During the class, Mr. Toritani spoke about the necessity of “gratitude” based on his own experience.
He said, “Please keep in mind that I was able to participate in today’s baseball lesson because of the help of my parents and many other people. It is very important to have a sense of gratitude for even the most ordinary things, and when bad things happen, your gratitude for your family and friends will turn into strength. I too was able to get through times when I felt like I was losing myself through gratitude. I believe that there are many feelings of gratitude that you can recognize in your daily life. I hope you will never forget those feelings. He delivered his passionate thoughts to the ball players.
We hope you will make use of what you learned in this class and bloom in the future!





We would like to thank everyone who participated in the cold weather, everyone who cooperated on the day, and Mr. Toritani for his guidance.
We hope to have another opportunity like this next time.
We look forward to working with you in the future.


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