Senior Voices/STAFF-04

Opportunities for growth are available only for those who are willing to take on challenges!
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  • Position
    General Manager, Tokyo Office
  • Job Description
  • years of service
    5 years

Q.Why did you join the company and what exactly do you do?

Prior to joining the company, I was engaged in sales in the advertising and life insurance industries. I decided to join the company when I turned 35 years old because I wanted to use my experience at both companies, where I honed my sales skills, as an asset to master sales of the products I love. As a playing manager, my job is to focus on sales activities to the clients I am assigned to as well as management and training activities. I check role-playing and preparation during business negotiations to achieve objectives, and work to create a system that enables my subordinates to conduct sales activities with vigor and enthusiasm.

Q.What is the "Rewarding" and "joyful" of working in sales?

I feel the greatest joy when a product I was involved in planning appears on the shelves of a store. The most rewarding part is sharing the joy with retailers when a product sells well. This job cannot be done by a single person. I can't tell you how many times I have experienced the joy of working as a team to achieve a goal.

Q.How did you feel when you were appointed as Tokyo Sales Manager?

I was in my 30s when I received the position, but I was not anxious about it. This is because the entire company is an environment where people can work freely and in their own way, without being restricted by age. The good thing about our company is that we have an open corporate culture where people can talk to each other regardless of their positions.

Q.Have you ever made a mistake?

I have a little bit of reflection every day (laughs). The important thing is not to not fail, but to properly reflect on my failures. When I am on the phone with a client, could I have phrased it differently? I am constantly reflecting on how I could have worded my message differently when I was on the phone with a client. I am constantly reflecting on my mistakes. Whether or not I am reflecting correctly will naturally show in the results, and I believe it is important to think of failure as an opportunity for growth.

Q.What do you do on your days off and in your private life?

I go out to lakes in Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, etc. for my hobby of black bass fishing. In addition to fishing, I enjoy BBQ and other outdoor activities to refresh myself. I also like to play golf, so I sometimes participate in golf competitions. I deepen exchanges with company members, regardless of rank, even on holidays.

Q.What is the future of the company and what career plans do you envision for yourself?

Our company's strength is that we are not limited by industry in a positive sense. Currently, as a manufacturer of daily necessities, we focus on manufacturing and sales of daily necessities, but we can commercialize any product that our customers require. This is a company that supports the challenge of different categories for the company to grow more. I would like to build a business that will become a pillar of our company from my own idea someday.


Work is not something that is given to you. You are your own competitor, and I want you to do your best not to be defeated by yourself. It is also important to be particular about achieving maximum results within a given period of time. I believe that the reason the company has been able to grow so rapidly is that all of our employees are united around this idea. Although the responsibility given to you is great, it is challenging and rewarding, and you will make the company grow bigger through your own activities! We are looking forward to hearing from you if you have such a passionate spirit.