Easy to wipe Wet Wipes for sterilization



  • 1Reduces bacteria [sanitizing] - germs by simply wiping them off.
  • 2Wipe-only antibacterial [antibacterial] - bacteria are not killed or removed, but rather are made less likely to multiply.

Bacteria counts after wiping

Antibacterial test results after 24 hours of wiping

※1 Not all bacteria can be removed. Sterilization rates may vary depending on the product (as stated on the package). ※2 Not all bacteria growth is inhibited; evaluation after wiping based on results of tests conducted in accordance with JIS Z 2801.


Alcohol Type

  • It can be sterilized thoroughly with alcohol.

Non alcohol type

  • Recommended for people with alcohol sensitivity and families with small children.
  • For sterilizing toys. "Contains hyaluronic acid."


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