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baby wipes


Considering that these wipes are to be used on the skin of precious babies, we have researched and created ingredients that are as close to water as possible. Contains the much talked-about moisturizing ingredient CICA (Cicada: thujone extract).


  • Contains CICA extract, a skin-conditioning ingredientCICA is an ingredient derived from Camellia sinensis and has long been used as a wound-healing ingredient in Korea.
    It is believed to have the power to inhibit various skin problems and to improve the texture of sensitive skin.

  • Paraben freeParaben-free for delicate baby skin

  • Alcohol freeIt can be used on the hands and body as well as around the mouth.

  • Fragrance freeIt can also be used by those who are sensitive to odors.

  • Contains moisturizing ingredientsContains ingredients with high moisture retention capacity

  • Uses 99% pure waterSince it is 99% pure water, it feels like you are washing with water.

  • Slight acidityWeakly acidic like your skin

  • Manufactured in our own factory in JapanThe products are produced under a solid quality control system at our own factory in Shikoku, a country rich in nature.


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